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Les Fredaines de Pierrette

Where We Are Today (April 2024)

Season 1 is about to wrap up

On other News: Oral Fixation will cover Expo Chicago!

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Episode 1: Galina Shevchenko

Chicago-based artist, Galina Shevchenko talks about perceptions of beauty, post-humanism, being Russian, life during the Soviet collapse, and her life and work in the USA. 

Themes: Cyborg, Posthuman, Mycology, Artemis, Donna Haraway

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Episode 2: Kate E. Schaffer

Milwaukee-based artist-curator-educator talks about her most recent curatorial project, the Sarah Ball Allis Art Museum highlighting women, femme, and non-binary artists intersecting a historic collection.

Themes: Institutional Critique, Intersectionality, LGBTQ, Activism, America's Midwest, Feminism, Curating Art, Sarah Ball Allis Museum

Episode 3: Nancy Youdelman

California artist, Nancy Youdelman, talks about her life, works, processes, and life as an artist for 50 years. 

Themes: Loss, Memory, Feminist Art, 1970s, Judy Chicago, Mixed Media, Mentorship, Womanhouse 1972, Motherhood, Ageism, Monologue 2022

Fragment of Evidence, 2019

Episode 4: Nona Faustine

New York artist, Nona Faustine, talks about her research practice, growing up in Brooklyn, and her most current body of work as well as sharing advice on the importance of understanding the art world and creating a community for oneself (as an artist).

Themes: Obliterated histories, Black History, New York History

Cross Your Legs, Kate, 2020

Episode 5: Gina Lee Robbins

Indiana-based artist Gina Lee Robbins talks about working with repurposed materials (findings from her walks and explorations in and outside the city) to create mixed-media sculptures and installations.

Themes: Disposability, Consumerism

Urban conducting a sound session

Episode 6: Ari Urban

Miami-based musician, Ari Urban, talks about her journey as a classically trained musician, creating healing music for the soul, and the power of mentorship.

Themes: Meditation, healing sounds, classical music, composer, new age

Por los Techos Inocentes

Episode 8: Janice Marin - Part 1

Argentine-Canadian/Vermont-based artist, Janice Marin talks about how life changes prompted a new body of work and reminds us of why culture, family, and authenticity are important.

Themes: memory, personal histories, Latin America, abstract painting

(from her photography archive)

Episode 9: Diana Solis - Part 1

Diana Solis talks about life as an activist artist organizing and documenting events since the 1970s, from the fringes of culture. She is a first-generation Mexican-American, LGBTQ+ and LatinX Chicagoan supporting Chicano culture, 2nd, 3rd and 4th-wave feminist, working on themes of identity addressing the fragility of contemporary relevant issues.

Themes: Social issues, activism, protest, Chicano culture, photo journalism

Black Hole (2019)

Episode 10: Azadeh Hussaini - Part 1

Iranian-American artist, Azadeh Hussaini, speaks about her practice, installation art, working with paper, breaking the barriers of tradition, self-empowerment, and life in Iran and the US.

Themes: Shelter, Refugees, Otherness

El Aerenero, Arte Contemporaneo (MX)

Episode 11: Paola Lopez Pedroza

Paola Lopez is a Mexican artist, curator, and administrator. She speaks about family life, her passage through the US and her gallery, El Arenero, an experimental art space for contemporary art.

Themes: conceptual art, artist-run spaces, artist-curator, 

Maelstrom (2023)

Episode 12: Gwen Yen Chiu

Chicago-based, Asian-American sculptor Gwen Yen Chiu talks about her art practice, her newest work in the public art scene, Chinese calligraphy, the themes she works with, and her life growing up in the Midwest.

Themes: contemporary sculptures, studio practice, Richard Hunt Award, metal making, Chinese folk stories

Researching in Two Acts (2023)

Episode 13: Clareese Hill

New York based artist and Postdoctoral Researcher, Clareese Hill, talks critically about technology, computational art, and real and virtual worlds 

Themes: Pedagogy, critical studies, identity, computational art.

September Gray Fine Art (ATL)

Episode 14, Special Edition: Decadence of Another Kind by September Gray

Atlanta curator September Gray speaks about her current exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center this winter, her journey changing careers into the art world, and the upcoming artist talk showcasing Detroit's Shirley Woodson.

Themes: Afro-American conversations, histories, curatorial endeavors.

Memories of a Quiet Place

Episode 15, Special Edition: Eleanor Neal

Atlanta based artist, Eleanor Neal talks about her latest works her experience at Daufuskie Island, the Gullah people, her relationship with nature, her processes in art making, and long lasting friends and mentors. 

Themes Afro-American conversations, works on paper, eco-printing, nature.

Belen, NM, activation. Rainbow 2023

Episode 16, Megan Malcolm Morgan

New Mexico curator,  Megan Malcolm Morgan talks about promoting social change, art-making and community engagement in a rural setting. And tells about her largest curatorial project Wo/Man House 2022 on the 50 year anniversary of Judy Chicago's Woman House (1972)

Curatorial projects, WoMan House 2022, Judy Chicago, Nancy Youdelman

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